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About Ancient Keno

Though keno has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, the game is not new. Keno history stretches back further than most gambling games, and though it has changed in some subtle ways, keno is much the same game as it was when it was first played.

The Origins of the Game

Keno was originally a Chinese lottery game. Instead of numbers, there were 120 Chinese symbols divided into eight distinct sub categories. In the original forms of the game, the emperor would make the definitive drawing, which the bettors would attempt to predict. Depending on the matches made across the sub categories, gamblers could lose three additional bets for each category loss, but win ten additional bets for each category match. This complexity made for a very exciting game, with wagers across as many subcategories as possible.

A National Pastime

The game was so popular that citizens across the country would play simultaneously, with messenger doves carrying the results of the drawing twice a day. So many people wagered on the game, the ancient Chinese government was actually able to use the proceeds to fund the army and even build the Great Wall of China itself. Today the game is still played twice a day. The playing cards have gotten more complex as the game has spread with 80 chances to match over 1000 possible characters.

Players around the world can join the fun of keno in their favorite online slots casinos. Though there are no messenger doves to deliver the results, the fun online is just as real as it was in Ancient China.